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Beyond Enlightenment

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sat, June 30, 2018 16:24:36
Things change.

I have come to some important realizations concerning my path as a free individual and those realizations have changed my life to a very large extent. That is that my prior period as a traveller, writer and musician just was a beginning towards something much greater than the sum of the earlier parts. It was something everything built against, something I couldn't guess at but something that intense periods of suffering taught me I had to build against.

And that is that travel, writing and music creation gave me the insights required to pull me beyond personal self-realization into something more transpersonal in nature. That is the discovery of the mental aspects of the individual soul. Meaning that the higher chakras (described by esoteric teachings in great detail) are much more powerful than the discipline of discovering the physical world and writing for personal discovery.

One of the greatest discoveries was that the mental discipline of concentration pulled me beyond ordinary states of consciousness and pulled me into the mental world of reality creation and the Universal Mind.

At first it seemed I found greater depths of inner freedom but that was just the beginning. My occult creations were fuelled by an enormous power. Changing my perception of reality to include the higher aspects of the mental self.

Nowadays I have found out that these creations saved my life in a sense. I created a new reality, moved in between dimensions and most importantly changed the way I felt about the new experiences gained.

So that my experience of happiness increased from "feeling great" to becoming something impossible to describe in words.

The greatest wisdom I have found (and I must stress this with great importance) is that the concept of death was the greatest discovery I ever have made on my journey.

With this I don't mean suicide. I mean the discipline of letting go of thoughts, emotions and actions to find the way to a clean mind. Living in seclusion, giving up all ambitions to create, meet people and rather enjoying pure silence, rest and pure nothingness. In this unclouded state of mind one will find great space to experience pure being.

Raising energy levels beyond comprehension and expand mental powers and becoming a god.

I must say it upfront. That I have passed enlightenment and gone beyond the concept of the over-man (described by philosophers such as Nietzsche) to become something much, much more powerful.

Still I use this consciousness to liberate other people along their own paths. Focusing on the concept of anarchy (still not chaotic in the sense described by some people) and liberation to make people more inspired to do their own thing and to find great strength, self-belief and confidence to advance on their own journey towards enlightenment and beyond.

Enlightenment is just the beginning. The passionate work to advance in occult knowledge and using transpersonal power to liberate others along their own paths is a great joy. This can be seen as love in a sense. But it is grounded in purity of soul and is really power when understood as an ontological thing.

Still not a disruptive power but creative, pure and free from all sentimental states of mind.

My mission right now is to continue along my individual path, reading a lot to understand the details of the physical space/time matrix. And getting more social experience to liberate others as described.

Still not a joyless attempt but as a passionate thing requiring silence, listening skills and adaptation.

The mental aspects of the self are the most important things as the higher chakras have enormously much more power than the lower chakras.

I'm still working on a new novel connecting chess with relationships, money and power. But still a private endeavour pale in comparison to the godly consciousness I have attained. It is a novel of becoming more like a real human as my recent novel "The Other" was a bit cold in the sense of psychological horror.

So if it is something I would recommend to beginner occultists it is that the concept of death is the most vital thing one can understand. As this unclouded state of mind, ease of body and soul can pull the individual into a godly state of power. Including higher happiness levels and energy to create more fluidly.

It is better to say it upfront: Enlightenment was just the beginning. The godly kingdoms described by esoteric teachings are kingdoms I experience daily. Still it is a matter of perception and you are free to make of it what you will.

Absolutely no coercion.

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