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Finally Finished

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Thu, September 13, 2018 02:34:27
Finished with the writing of my new story "Insignificant" that became all what I intended and more. It became a metaphor for my own journey. "Memoirs" if you like. But much shorter for effect.

I will present the work online tomorrow.

Sleep tight.

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Adaptation And Other Short Stories

FictionPosted by Andreas Ingo Mon, September 10, 2018 14:23:58
Adaptation And Other Short Stories

A construction design artist lost in the modern world.
A bold adventure beyond physical existence.
A post-apocalyptic story about a man returning from outer space to a polluted earth.

The short story collection contains three different stories. Sharing no similarities except being products of the author’s heart, mind and soul. To present a work fitting for searchers in the modern era.

The short story collection can be downloaded as a PDF-File here: Adaptation Short Story Collection

Just read and enjoy!

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Who Am I?

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, September 09, 2018 14:12:04
I don't want to scare my readers away. It is something I have realized by real life experience. And that is that most of my readers aren't interested by my new mode of intellectual progress compared to my previous emotional stage resulting in the writing of Alien Forever: The Novel.

I have to be honest though. I look upon myself as an individual with a good sense of intellectual powers. Many people have said that I am a genius but if that is so have to be a subjective interpretation from your part.

Don't be alarmed by my new mode of consciousness. I'm still very much interested in the mode of dark/individualistic/erotic power described by stories such as "Alien Forever: The Novel" and "Fading Blue Sun And White Amber The Black Magician". My new short story "Erratic Pain" is all these things and more.

Alien Forever: The Novel is my most popular book. Now having around 2500 reads on and still counting. It is almost like listening to a tune from gothic rock bands such as "London After Midnight", "Bauhaus" or "David Bowie". I'm proud of it. And it has very much to do with my philosophy of survival and reproduction. Delving into ego, hate and darkness to push Christianity away. Not by burning churches but rather as an aesthetic thing. Just requiring emotional investment.

What makes me what I am is my mode of counter-culture. Coming from the basement. Pure anarchy. Extending this mode of being to never want to be like others (with additional skills of adaptation) to present something new, daring and different. And still giving way for emotional investment and clarity of vision.

Some things can be said about money too. I'm doing this for personal power, self-discovery and writing pleasure (including music). I don't want to mix this passion with money as that would make me adapt to a mode of writing suitable for the masses.

I stand by my philosophy of being pure. Free from all concepts of what writing "should be" and just doing my thing. I attract dark occultists. Counter-culture giants, free artists and readers/writers that search for the fun. Not the big paycheck and absolutely not beings that want to conform to a mode of goodness.

Don't be afraid of my new mode of intellect as it mostly is required to push beyond initial limitation. To really create something with emotional resonance in the end. My new short story "Erratic Pain" should be a good example of that.

It is my most emotional story written this far.

Mostly individualistic.

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NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, September 09, 2018 00:00:04

Now I have been working on my novel “Beginners” about two chess players doing their thing during the second world war. Advancing on the board and connecting this knowledge with insights into money, relationships and power.

It has been a thrilling ride into chess tactics and strategy. Into bold manoeuvres on the board and several attempts to connect to the opposite sex. Getting unconventional work, attempting to work politically with a form of anarchy pushing others along their own paths.

It has worked beyond assumptions. I have to be truthful though. I have not formed a real relationship with any girl of my age yet. But several encounters have revealed it has become easy to build report. To make a good impression on girls using spoken language to convey confidence, common ground (attuning to the personality of the individual) and making myself more erotic just by adopting inner calm. Also using clothing (among other things) to make a good impression and adapting to a mode of body language to make things easier overall.

It is some of the points I will mention in my new novel “Beginners”.

Regarding chess I have finally become a real threat toward the opponent on my reading device. And just as I mentioned earlier this has emerged naturally as I found my weaknesses primarily had to do with too little attention put towards chess tactics compared to strategy.

Strategy (in the form I have implemented it) only took me beyond beginner blunders and made me more interested in the game itself. It is rather chess tactics that has given way for better resistance to my software program.

Chess is not only about memorizing concepts that worked before. It is the cold and calculating activity of consciously choosing to watch the board beyond preconceptions. Building on previous games but to decide actual moves adjusted to the position at hand. Evaluating several moves ahead. Including all opportunities and threats on the board.

Primarily (in my case) to find threats rather than opportunities.

It is an ongoing activity. And it is an intellectual faculty that can be developed over time. To evaluate what is important several moves ahead and to observe deviances in the way a game develops over time.

I have also seen that success with money can be built on similar principles. As adjustment to professional scenes at hand to a large extent can make one adept to advance short term. Requiring a fluid mind that at speed can form good decisions. Attuning to the collective flow.

When it comes to power I have seen the same principle work beyond assumptions. Adjusting to a social context by bypassing individual preferences and attuning to the individuals spoken to. By letting go of emotion, watching the scenes unfold and building creative decisions upon these chunks of information.

The difference between chess and success in power has very much to do with complexity primarily. As life itself is more complex than a game. And that to be guided by will and emotion (to balance intellectual rigor with emotion) can make it easier to leap into the unknown and still make it easy for others to attune to the leaders.

Confronting fears and changing perspective.

It is some of my insights and a thrill ride for sure.

With all this said I have finally made some other observations. And that is that I clearly can see parallels between my mode of writing and success in chess, relationships, money and power. It has become important to build on the will, investigate this will and finally abandon intellectual concepts for the Universal Mind.

It is a three-step process. Attuning to chess (or the collective) has to be combined with self-knowledge. Discovering purity, assuming purity and combining this new found mode of consciousness with the will of the collective.

How else to make a good impression on the opposite sex?

One has to distinguish oneself from others in order to build report. And finding a way to work that fits oneself. Not only others. This power of self-knowledge makes it easier to build motivation for creative expression later.

And to combine the personal with the collective is to choose personal emotions, thoughts and observations that actually fits the social (or professional) scenes at hand.

A large chunk of personal preferences are also to be cultivated to not make oneself too dependent on limited circumstances.

It is a journey towards an abstract goal. Something you need in order to push yourself beyond ordinary states of consciousness and becoming a ruler. Not with a will to force others under your command. Instead to build report. To attune to the collective (with knowledge of the will of others) with aspects of the self in combination with other person’s will. To mix the individual with the collective.

And in the end to forget about it and to just enjoy what is coming at you in the moment.

To forget the simple rules for the complexity of individual expression. Finding the way to additional emotion as you find the way to internal and external wholeness.

Also to abandon knowledge to some extent for an intuition built upon true life experience.

The Norwegian grand master in chess Magnus Carlsen has said that mastery in chess very much has to do with finding the way to this intuition as chess is very much about time. About a good intuition built upon true chess experience. Not only about a fast intellectual analysis taking too much time to make you a winner in actual chess games.

My greatest insight though is patience. That success in any context has to do with great motivation and endurance. Motivation that is needed to push beyond earlier horizons. To “suffer” on your own terms as you change perspective on “suffering”.

To walk the walk in new lands. As in chess (for me) to realize initial limitations and beginner weaknesses. An area I will explore in my coming novel “Beginners” at depth.

Stay tuned!

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Intellectual Stimulation

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Tue, September 04, 2018 21:42:58
So much nonsense. So much principles that never work in real life. I have been there. In my adolescent years I was feeling lost. I read spiritual gurus and searched for answers my virgin brain felt were uplifting, magical, evolutionary.

But I got caught in a black void of contradictory ideas. And at one point I was swept away in overthinking. Analysing other paths in order to find something that would lead me (and others) to enlightenment.

It didn’t happen.

What I found out was that what later worked actually was the complete opposite to the ideas conveyed in the teachings of the gurus I read. Primarily Jiddu Krishnamurti, Sri Ramana Maharshi and Hermann Hesse.

I had to abandon the concept of non-thinking, a surrender to love to start to affirm the ego, the intellect, knowledge and power instead. To sleep more, take care of the body. Involving myself in erotic encounters, eat, walk and drink.

What I have seen is that the intellect (aside from the ego and good sleep) was the one power directing me towards a life with abundance. With energy, high levels of pleasure and also success in relationships, passionate work and general well being.

But the intellect is a force that really can lift you up or put you down. You have to know you need to think independently. Never believing in other peoples ideas. Just investigating them to find shortcuts to success in areas you don’t know by heart.

The act of surrender to other people’s ideas is a mistake due to the unique destiny you have in todays individualistic world. What works for others may not work for you. And you change as circumstances change.

Just believing in an idea is also not to truly understand an idea conforming to true life experience. That was one of the realizations of Jiddu Krishnamurti. So far so good. But still he was conditioned by his individual path and spiritual heritage.

So think fresh. Think anew. Affirm nothing that you can’t investigate yourself. Or something you also know by personal experience.

Ever more: Believe in nothing as this belief almost always leads to a big mistake of another kind. Serving others for individual loss of joy and power. You are put on earth with your own wishes and hopes. No one can give this to you. You have to serve yourself as all individuals strive for personal success primarily.

Who do you think can save you in a world built on self-interest?

Success with intellect has very much to do with adopting an egoistical concept of intellectual progress. Never think with the philosophy of intellectual burdens. That philosophy destroys more than it creates. A reason that the mystics (Such as Sri Ramana Maharshi) summoned great energy that otherwise would have been lost. Never think for loss of individual purity. Think slow, think your own thoughts and most importantly: Look to it that you get good sleep. That you adopt a philosophy of no-care.

Something happens when a true thinker realizes the limitations of the intellect. That it can deceive, that it can distort the mind and making you a mind-drone. That it can lead to psychosis. Adopt a philosophy of thinking just for intellectual stimulation. Reading for the joy of it. Reading a part of a text. Think slowly upon it. Fill in the blanks you find with personal experience. Read with good variety. Read to chock yourself with personal indulgence into topics interesting to you. These topics are the topics that can push you into another dimension as they are fit for your personal life.

Not others.

Adopt a philosophy of good sleep, good nutrition, contradictory habits (such as walking in nature) as the mind has to work subconsciously upon the ideas digested. It is sleep that makes the subconscious mind connect what you have been reading to what it already knows. Giving way for a true understanding.

But also (And this is a huge finding from my part) adopt a philosophy of getting dumber. It is sounding ridiculous but it changes the way you think about intelligence. Adopting a philosophy of getting dumber kills all intellectual ambitions and pulls the intellect into a dimension where it can grasp concepts in a deeper part of the brain.

But it is not a philosophy of getting dumb as you think upon dumb people you have met. It is a concept coming from the heart of an dark occultist that have seen with great clarity that “getting dumb” actually is intelligence.

“Getting dumb” is just to operate in a deeper part of the brain.

But it is more to it: Start slow. Read a little, play a little chess, write something down. Walk a little, play a little, get some sleep. Find the way to the will (as you listen to the whispers of your heart) and still you make progress in small doses.

It is a process that slowly should unveil itself. It is about intellectual stimulation. Of growing intellectually by actually just playing with different ideas. Letting the working of the deep unconscious unveil secrets to you not known by the common herd.

As the intellect grows the faster you can digest new information. Leading faster to solutions to personal goals. Affirming relevance as you only read texts that reveals secrets to you aligning to your chosen path in life.

You start to connect the dots. Various areas of human understanding connect together to build a dark symmetry. And you will start to see that all life is very much the same.

A dark vibration of invisible strings. An information construct of perceptions existing within the Universal Mind. Genius is about getting dumber. Losing all reality concepts and finding way to your own illusions. Resurrecting individuality. Individual purity, knowledge and power.

Setting you free.

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Creative Wholeness

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, September 02, 2018 14:41:31
Sometimes when I’m writing I can sense I’m searching for something but that I can’t define this idea with authenticity. It’s like I’m writing about one thing and something else emerges on paper.

I can honestly say that I have found my way around this problem. One of the problems were that I sometimes wasn’t direct in my self-expression. Meaning I tried too hard to impress myself with anything transcending my creative capacity.

I wrote science-fiction but I was aiming for the remote stars. Not the harsh and more realistic approach to write like my heroes in the field. Meaning Robert Heinlein, Stanislaw Lem and Arthur C. Clarke (Among others). Not that I wanted to imitate these giants. Just that I rarely was searching for a more realistic approach to complement a creative vision with rugged realism.

But it’s more to it.

It’s that I have found my way to nature here in Sweden. It has been going on for a couple of years. Still I have made a lot of progress concerning my scientific approach to learn about the facts of nature. Not with a calculating and cold attitude but rather as a way to immerse myself into natural environments.

The realization is that nature is inventive. Orderly with a random evolutionary pattern allowing certain breakthroughs such as emergence on a biological level.

Nature is flowering with beauty on all levels of experience. And with these facts at disposal it’s easier to imagine plausible worlds within a science-fiction context. Getting real. Getting down to earth. Finding the way to world-building and solid character work beyond the shallow conventions of genre-literature.

Building on research into human nature. Getting grounded in something speaking to the human heart, mind and soul.

I have had a lot to gain from getting creative to transcend the power of my earlier works. Still sometimes I have tried too much to impress myself with the stretching of creative muscles. It has been better to settle down, go slow, get real and to enjoy the journey to uncover facts never understood with precision earlier.

Especially in works of science-fiction with a human component.

There’s more to it too.

It’s that I earlier wrote more with an emotional angle. I didn’t use a systems oriented intellectual model to uncover details of the actual worlds, events and characters described. I couldn’t catch the true purpose of the content described. Especially not the big strokes coming from a more experienced mind-set.

A mind that can penetrate the material investigated to distil the obvious. Just being “obvious” for a true genius working in the field. It’s a question of context. To some extent I earlier couldn’t build a correct model of the material investigated.

It had to do with lack of a systems oriented approach building on a lot of high-quality material and logical deduction. To see the obvious. The things that are truly interesting from a human point of view. Having relevance, intellectual depth and emotion resonating with the human heart, mind and soul.

That’s what I’m aiming for in my new science-fiction novel “Insignificant”.

It will not be written especially fast this time. I’m rather writing to immerse myself in a slow process with great attention to research. A process of write and rewrites to find the true essence of my vision.

It’s about the life of a woman on a future colony in interstellar space. Her reflection upon her life in the form of memoirs. Describing her childhood, adolescence and adult life from a subjective viewpoint. Getting under the skin of this character. And describing what her life meant to her. Concerning her victories and defeats.

I’m aiming for improvements.

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Current Projects

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Wed, August 29, 2018 15:13:25

Finished with a new short story "Erratic Pain" about a half-way blinded outlaw on a hunt for a dark knight. It is a story of beauty and wonder describing a fantasy setting and aiming to bend the rules of the genre. Also there is a theme of seeing and perception.

It is now available to be downloaded here on this blog.

Also continuing the work on "Beginners". My new war-time novel connecting chess with relationships, money and power. The work that is exploring what chess can teach us regarding life as a whole. I'm going for a semi-professional mind-set of getting more routine regarding my writing projects. Just to get things done. Doing it for passion of course but infusing structure into the work.

Also I'm working in parallel with a new major science-fiction work "Insignificant". Describing the memoirs of a future colony worker living in a rare solar-system close to a blue giant and this worker's life seen with subjective glasses.

When I'm not writing I'm exploring nature around Vasteras, Sweden. Playing chess, meeting people and trying to earn money using unconventional strategies and tactics.

Hopefully making this knowledge creep into the writing of "Beginners".

Stay tuned!

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Erratic Pain

FictionPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, August 26, 2018 22:28:50
Erratic Pain

A partly disabled outlaw on a hunt for a dark knight.
A bold mystery transcending all concepts of pleasure and pain.
A journey into a land of eternal beauty.

Erratic Pain is the most personal story written by the author this far. A story with clear parallels to his own life. A story of beauty and wonder bending the rules of fantasy storytelling.

Aiming for high literature.

The short story can be downloaded as a PDF-File here: Erratic Pain

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