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ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sat, September 10, 2016 18:02:14


Time moves on. Back in Sweden I really started to see the inborn error in the capitalism system. That the system is about power on the surface but power without money will never do in a capitalism system. The ones striving for power will be bought by the ones in control of the money flow. It was a revelation to me. As I previously believed the controllers sought power above everything else.

In time I saw that I was mistaken.

The truth is that what drives these people is financial gain. As the capitalism system is structured to permit and reward the greediest people on earth. It is an evolutionary process sorting out poor people and rewarding rich people. Making them richer. The ones most fit for financial success tend to be the ones with the highest greed. As they care about money and nothing else.

Common people are just tools for these people in power. Reduced to poor tax payers and ordinary workers paying rent. Never getting time to educate themselves on the true nature of the world. This also happened to me as the system is built to never tolerate free-thinkers like myself. One simply never will find the time and energy to go deep into the questions at hand. And if one get time one are instantly put down by other workers and employers making business for profit.

The rulers own the banks, the media, the big corporations. The entire military/industrial complex and they decide what we are going to buy, what education we will have, what medicine we will take and so on. But they are making it not as an exercise in power but as a kind of chess game to see how much money they can make. To count losses and returns. And they have to make life a hell for most people as a paradise world with a good economy would leave people time to wake up.

Deciding their own future.

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