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My New Journey

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, August 21, 2016 20:39:43
You have to excuse me a bit but my thinking process is a little muddled right now. I have gone deeper into post-modern philosophy, death metal and the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze culminating in the realization that my own philosophy is very much alike the romantic writers like John Milton (Writer of the epic poem Paradise Lost), Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe and others on the same path. At one point in time I thought I was very much alone in my deviant path of darkness. But the continental existentialists were very much like me (The Germans primarily) but this movement in some ways moved to France giving birth to the post-modern thinkers and the metaphysician Gilles Deleuze. He had a great influence on the French progressive rock movement. Describing a moving wholeness of consciousness giving birth to new perspectives altering reality by conscious choice. That's the stage that resonates deeply within me. As I for a long time have used dark occultism, sex, writing, travels and music for my own quest of dark enlightenment. But it's a mode of enlightenment that always changes. A reality that never is etched in stone but can be altered and described in new ways.

I have an ongoing project "Continuation" that will describe this path in more clear terms. Published on a private website I'm building at this moment.

My next journey in the physical is Andalucia, Spain. Which I will use as a platform for my continual investigation into many areas of life. Dark Occultism primarily. I look forward to go deeper into romantic literature, Spanish hedonism and odd religion studies. Spain is a fascinating culture where I hopefully also will meet likeminded individuals.

I will inform you on my way.

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