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Danish culture (In Denmark)

TravelsPosted by Andreas Ingo Sat, August 29, 2015 12:56:04


My impressions from Cobenhagen and Odense have started to take effect. The Danish people are pleasant to be around. They are talkative, never shy and truthful about themselves. I met a nudist in a public park in Cobenhagen, fully upfront with his thing. Women I have met really love my personal philosophy of darkness but they don't like my bright periods, for the balance. They don't understand the depth of my intellect, just raw emotion. But philosophers, travelers and artists of different kinds seems to like it.

(My theory: This is due to the power of their intellect, overcoming the faults of their emotional core, previously being conditioned by modern society)

I saw a lot of rich people in Cobenhagen, driving luxury cars. I have changed my view of money overall. You can't buy happiness with money alone but sitting at a cafe in Odense and taking a cup of black coffee is happiness to me. Money is overrated overall as far as my own life is concerned. I recently discovered the simple happiness of living in the forest for free. But I like variation for the balance.

The best thing about Denmark this far was the statues in public parks and the grafitti in a hidden corner of Cobenhagen (Really enlightening) I saw the little mermaid along the coastline of the main city but this statue was nothing compared to the ones I found in other places. It's like a coincidence. I have seen warriors from the middle-ages and angelic statues of erotism and heavenly freedom. Human nature. I even like the churches. The only thing needed is a satanic cross.

The danish people are good at art, philosophy and social life. Soren Kirkegaard and H.C Andersen comes to mind. These two are important for historical value, perhaps influencing the danish people more than most people think. (Including me)

My trip this far have been taking me to hidden places. Like a closed of harbour in Cobenhagen, drills by military officers and the joy of sleeping in public parks. I live for the pleasure of the opposite sex, for the hidden imagination of my subconscious and for the exploration of everything that are revealed on the way. Sometimes I feel like a future warrior, exterminating the faults of the human mind, revealing a satanic future devoid of slavery.

It's my satanic drive.

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