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A Last Farewell (In Barcelona)

TravelsPosted by Andreas Ingo Fri, February 21, 2014 22:41:51

Was out tonight...

Watched the magic fountain in Barcelona with three other backpackers.

Great time, there is a limit to being social. Couldn`t have made it otherwise. Canadians are very fast talkers, you get kind of half of it, sometimes less. It`s easier when you talk about subjects you know something about.

But no one seems to care if you "get it" or not. That`s comes as a chock to me. Actually people like it when you not get it, then they can explain. The key: Being humble.

We talked about stereoids in the sports of today, normal subjects...

This seems like the last "thing" before I return to Sweden on Monday.

Feels like I`m a different man.

I made it. :)

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