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The Secret (In Barcelona)

TravelsPosted by Andreas Ingo Tue, February 18, 2014 21:18:34

What a night!

Spent time with two backpackers at the youth-hostel, just taking a cigarette and talking about social-welfare. Well, it was different...

I`m hounted by a feeling of Barcelona: Of being back in another time, a time when the ghosts of Barcelona were living. Walking in deserted streets, followed by strange men...

I have tried to put words on my search... It`s the search for "the secret", not the spiritual "truths" of the past, but rather the secret of myself, my individuality, my person.

From now on I`m going for these places.

The places that aren`t obvious: Not grand, not ugly, just interesting. Talking with people, but not the easy ones, rather the silent wanderers... I want to find out their secret. Not their beliefs, but their journey...

Coming closer to the reason I`m out here, hounted by the past.

I guess that`s why I`m writing.

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