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El Gotic (In Barcelona)

TravelsPosted by Andreas Ingo Wed, February 12, 2014 18:55:58

I will never forget this day.

I thought the best part of this trip was over but I was wrong again. Now I walked in the old parts of Barcelona (El Gotic), in hunt for an art-gallery and found the Picasso museum.

I never had such an overwhelming feeling about art! Especially a painting from Picasso`s later years, in his own style... It was a feeling of being in hell and at the same time coming to paradise.

Exactly like this trip has been: The hardest thing I ever have done but at the same time the most rewarding. It seems everything extraordinary takes extraordinary effort.

Then I lost myself in the old quarters and found a great restaurant serving lasagne for 6.50 Euro. It was completely delicious, great music, atmospheric lights hanging from the roof, the right gothic feeling of old Barcelona...

A beer and the buzzing sounds from artistic people.

I was completely lost and tears came up in my eyes.

Truly overwhelming. :)

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