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ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, January 05, 2014 16:21:07

I had great plans: To write short stories for the Internet: To build a fan-base of like-minded individuals, who read science-fiction with a passion, losing themselves in the unknown.

Reality had it otherwise.

Trouble with family, trouble with money, made me move to another town. Made me search for jobs I never wanted...

Now I'm putting writing aside, just to focus on pure survival, not unlike the stories I've written myself.

Reality and fiction blend together...

My life is like a movie in black and white: The futuristic visions I've been dreaming about, have been replaced by memories of the past, living with my oldest brother in a town called "Kvicksund".

It's tuff: Searching for jobs, adjusting to another lifestyle, unlike my own.

That's personal development. But I didn't choose this destiny. Now I concentrate on getting something done.

The best part of this is the need: I can't dream anymore. I have to pull myself together.

I won’t abandon writing. My dream was and still is to travel the world, write exciting stories, meet people and evolve.

I only have to modify my plans.

That means to work for 9 months, live very cheap, raise money and then leave.

I’ve realized that it is more to writing than just words: You have to be. You have to think about yourself and your relationships. You have to think about your physical health and unknown factors...

A learning process to find balance.

That's evolution.

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