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The zone of free will

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Ever wanted a place for passion, an escape from everyday reality?

A place to lose yourself in science-fiction, music, spirituality and more? Passion for late nights and fuzzy days, exploring the internet? A source of inspiration? To connect with likeminded people and start a revolution?

If Yes, you’ve might have come to the right place.

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ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, November 17, 2013 00:35:14
This blog started not as a means to revolution, but rather as a kind of self-expression.

I wrote what I wrote. I didn't have a clear goal in my mind.

Now something has come up: I've realized that it has to do with thinking.

Life has no meaning, or has it?

I give meaning to life with my sentences: With my illusions. With my phrases I dictate the direction of my life.

What is it about?

I think it's about creation. Truth or lie, every word is an act of creation.

I love to be passionate about something. My art is an expression of an emotional state, nourished by forbidden thoughts.

In order to be something, I have to say no to the rest.

I dictate the direction of my life. I lose a multitude of options, just to explore some other options.

For the moment, this is to open up to limitless creation.

I envision something close to the epic "Dune" movie by Alejandro Jodorowsky: The movie that never was made.

To create something that opens up the mind to unlimited potential. But not by conventional means.

I need structure to abandon structure: A story that can't be grasped can hardly create the emotional state I'm searching for.

To feel something you have to know something, but it doesn't need to be true.

So I'm searching for something that combines the world of the chaotic with the world of structure and order.

Like a movie by David Lynch, but without open interpretation.

We'll see...

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