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Bilateral Thinking

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Wed, May 16, 2018 13:09:40
A lot is happening in my life at the moment. Have seriously started with the dating game. That means new encounters in my current living place. Taking chances, talking to people, gaining experience beyond the more introspective analysis I previously have made on my journeys around the globe.

I have met many people but still I made my journeys to get to know myself primarily.

Chess just gets more interesting with time. The main realization is that the feedback process of actual game scenarios prevent the mind from coming to fast conclusions. It is a mind-bending test requiring structure, a good working memory, concentration and other factors.

Better to play slow and well than making random choices just to feel better about oneself.

What more?

The new film "The Passion Of Lovers" has become a passion project of mine. Starting with the realization that it is more fun to work with other people than working for oneself.

Still I will surely return to isolation to delve deep into topics hard to share with others.

A few secrets have emerged on my recent discovery regarding bilateral thinking (defined as lateral thinking involving several human parts). That the bilateral exchange of ideas leads to fast realizations and clarity as the common task make the individual a fast and more structured thinker. And is more receptive to the value system of others sharing a similar mind-set.

Power is a good thing but power is also receptive. To communicate a vision an understanding of human psychology can lead to sudden breakthroughs. Thinkers such a Immanuel Kant describes the idea of laws emerging from will attuning to the collective. Creating laws fit for the impersonal scene at hand.

It has always been one basic principle of mine but I have started to practise it more in depth.

It will be fun to see how these projects turns out.

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