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The Passion Of Lovers

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Mon, May 14, 2018 19:22:09
Working on a new film "The Passion Of Lovers" inspired by the Bauhaus song with the same name. I'm the scriptwriter and the script was made six years ago. But I also have become main artistic advisor for the director that is coming from a closeby town.

It is a work I deem a masterpiece myself but it remains to be seen if the project works out for the best when it comes to actual imagery and sounds.

The worries are if good actors can be found that emanates the gloomy darkness this film will present. For minimal pay. It is not very different from my pretty recent works of science-fiction in the sense that it will be made pretty cheap but still having this sense of darkness and scope that transcend the vision of most beginner filmmakers.

Also, it is a fun project leading myself to the conclusion that working with others is funnier than working with oneself. Still loneliness in the mode presented by thinkers such as Nietzsche suggests that true genius can only be found in isolation.

We will see how the project turns out.

I'm also into a phase of sexual adventures and rigid chess playing. Where realizations such as the fact that systems orientented science and holistic principles have helped me on the path to become a master player. As becoming a master is my intent with the playing itself.

And how this intellectual endeavour can translate into the knowledge of how to intellectually master life itself.

It is a rush.

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