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NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Wed, May 09, 2018 22:55:18
For readers interested I will write a bit about comparisons I have made between myself as an author/musician/philosopher and others I have been inspired/influenced by and of whom also clear similarities have been detected between myself and them.

The first one might be obvious and that is Friedrich Nietzsche. When I started reading him I just felt as if: "Have I written this before?" The common themes are consistent: The theme of the over man, the theme of the transfiguration of all values, the nihilistic approach to put up critique of modern civilization including science, religion and art. But it didn't end with this general structure. It also came down to stylistic choices regarding the way the texts were delivered. The poetic inclusion, the way of the hammer. The will to infuse texts with a deeper meaning resonating in the emotional cortex.

The next one is the progressive rock musician Peter Hamill. The frontman of the art rock band Van Der Graaf Generator. His interest in subjects such as seclusion, darkness, science-fiction books and his almost maniacal inclination to brake new grounds with every record he made. And making way for a distorted dark voice but still confronting interviewers with the attitude of an English gentleman.

The next one would be George Orwell describing his critique of modern society built upon words with hidden meanings. The travels he made across the world and his emotional still intellectual approach to craft novels. Discovering the suppression of sexuality and a male warrior even enlisting in the Spanish revolution. Something I haven't done of course but the spirit of it is the same.

The similarities may be just a coincidence as these three figures made a bold imprint upon modern society (Peter Hamill still lives though) and their spirits have lived on beyond the space/time frame when they entered fame.

I'm exploring similar directions myself. I feel a deep emotional connection. As I'm also connected to classical music composers such as Hector Berlioz, Ludwig Van Beethoven and poets like Edgar Allan Poe and T.S Eliot.

What I’m going for is not to copy the creativity/craftsmanship in these works but use them to fuel my imagination and also detect missing links in the way I craft my writings.

It is interesting indeed.

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