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Back Online Again

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Sat, March 17, 2018 22:46:15
Back online again after some time off the net.

I’m still living and breathing. But it has been some time of deep reflection and practise concerning my future as an author. I’m working on a new novel “The Other” about a secret topic I won’t reveal. But I can promise you something extraordinary.

I’m in a profound research stage concerning the topic of my new book. It is building upon personal experience in work, social events and occasional trips in Sweden. I’m studying chess tactics, literary works by author’s such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and music works by Baroque classical composers. Where works such as “La Stravaganza” have changed my mind about the possibilities of music.

I have gone full circle to become an ordinary worker again only to become a more fluid dreamer.

“Dreaming in fire and working in clay.”

New discoveries have emerged from countless fields of study. Including mathematics, quantum theory and human history. My old philosophy of self-discovery has become something more transpersonal in nature. Something “collective”, “bilateral” and “systems oriented”.

It’s about my newfound passion for higher work ethics and happiness found in suffering.

But still a decadent journey into blissful states.

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