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Online Again

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Sat, December 23, 2017 00:04:59
Been a way for a while for some private matters. Online again for a future of new socializing and writing projects. What has occupied my mind lately is the future of life in the multi-verse. I have thought about it but most of all decided to keep silent. Silence as a strength due to the confusion arising from cultural differences. Instead I have assumed a down-to-earth approach of socializing and writing for personal enjoyment. And having the opportunity to share this mindset with others. I think socializing mostly is about a shared emotional experience. Seldom have I seen any benefit in deep matters in these contexts. That is something I think mostly is reserved for the individual in his/her own time. This kind of mindset is pretty evident in my selection of writing projects. I write for an illusory immersion in fictional worlds. Pretty much like fantasy but transported into a science-fiction context. My latest short story "The Infinite" is parallelled in personal experience to some extent but mostly pure fictional. A sense of irony and humour is evident in this work. Something I will build upon in the future. I have experiened that my readers want some sense of realism but not the boring facts of the everyday world. Rather something illusory and fictional with a "sense" of realism. Resulting in a suspenseful ride with a personal edge.

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