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Blade Runner 2049 Review

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Fri, October 06, 2017 18:22:12

This movie hit me as a freight-train going to hell. To me it was like a psychological horror film. Building on our collective fear of the unknown. A future where replicants, AI’s and lower-grade people share space in a greyish future of constant rain. With neon lights resembling future sex models.

It was directed with feeling and style. But it was not all about the images this time. It was a solid script written in collaboration with Ridley Scott. That gave creative freedom to Dennis Villeneuve and also supported the director with answers to difficult questions.

Much can be said about the inventive vision of future tech devices such as virtual girlfriends, hovering search drones and virtual memories. A horrific realization were imposed upon me as a viewer. That the dystopian future was there, in front of my eyes in bleak colours. And it felt totally real.

The acting from the main cast did a very good job too. Ryan Gosling was perfect as the main protagonist in the story. He captured the sense of a lost Blade Runner. Looked down upon by most people, having a hard job and not much free-time. In fact, his psychological condition (Played with subtlety by Ryan Gosling) made the film play on our fears of the unknown.

Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard also did an amazing job as the lost Blade Runner several decades away from the events in the first film. It all came together in an amazing scene towards the end when the two main protagonists had a tough encounter. It’s hard to describe the suspense this scene conveyed to me in moments.

In the end though the film became a bit of a let-down. This was caused by the overly pretentious end. In my view it would have been better to cut these scenes and move into another direction. One of the best parts of the original film (The Director’s Cut) was that it made us feel a lot and think. But it never pointed fingers.

That difference made Blade Runner 2049 just a very good film from my own perspective. Not a classic.


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