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Ideas: The Novel

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, August 27, 2017 19:00:18

Working on a new novel called "Ideas" building on a short story with the same name I wrote in writing class years ago and later rewritten and translated for english speaking readers. Many people were taken away by the story.

That essence is creativity as a mode of life. Not just limited to art projects but rather as a mode of life itself. Asking the question: "What if one could approach life as a strange game of creativity?"

Going against the attitude of conformity some people seem to display. I don't believe in conformity being a chosen destiny. Rather arising from a lack of perspective on life.

It's a work about a creative lifestyle. Exploring new ideas for strange actions. Taking place in the near future on a global scale. The main characters are two young adults testing these ideas on a huge canvas of future earth.

I'm working on the general ideas of the story. It will contain perspectives on life concerning the lessons I learned on my path as a mind bender and reality creator. The real reasons why I succeeded to realize my potential. These ideas are not the typical ideas you would find reading about magic, consciousness and human relations.

What I have realized is that "success" is about the things nobody seemed to talk about. Such as minor details concerning the body and physical existence. Inverting "spiritual truths" on a grand scale.

I'm working on it.

"Ideas" the short story can be downloaded as a PDF-File here:


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