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An article about IQ

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, August 27, 2017 00:54:00

An odd ending to an odd week. I have studied countless theories considering different methods to raise IQ and have more profoundly realized that limitations are just blocks in the conscious mind. Every man and woman are more or less born with the potential for genius.

This potential is destroyed by consumer society (more or less) implanting self-doubt in the mind of the consumers.

But the most important realization came to me just this day. I had a long ride with my new car along the coastline south of Stockholm and many blocks were removed inside. I found one block that made me frusterated over all those years as a philosopher.

And this block was the thought: "I don't like thinking as much as something more emotional/physical. And I would rather prefer to do something else." These thoughts were revealed as mental fictions. Something I just took for granted over all those years. I just didn't know the power of "liking".

The most important lesson I learned from Nietzsche was that life could be redeemed by a positive perspective on suffering. I applied that knowledge to thinking in itself. And it transformed me in an instant.

I was so taken by the sudden realization that I had to throw up my newly digested food and puke on the ground! Because this philosophy of "liking" was also a perspective I took upon my writing around three years ago and it transformed me as an author in an instant.

We will see where this new revelation will lead.

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