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ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, August 13, 2017 19:18:14

After countless years of practise of magic (And final success) I have come to many insights considering the practise of reality creation and just want to share some points.

The first insight is that magic is no fluffy fantasy requiring no effort or experience from the one involved. It should be a rigorous science, a path of darkness to find the way to sound goals and also requiring constant effort over long periods of time.

The first thing one needs to know is that it's not about miracles, rather the complete opposite. One needs to understand that the nature of reality is an interconnected web of perceptions. Building a unity described by the concept of Universal Mind.

To create one's ideal future one needs to alter the individual perceptions to other ones conforming to individual will. This makes reality adjust to the ideal perceptions chosen.

One needs to grasp what one truly wants. Altering of perceptions can be a dangerous business if one doesn't know the power of the intellect and the subconscious mind.

The truth though is that all people already are doing magic. Reality becomes as we perceive it to become. If you are a christian you are modelling reality after christians concepts. If you are a regular worker you model reality by what you already take for granted.

"Physical Reality" is just a concept. But a concept many believe in and therefore alter reality to that model.

As an occultist I have chosen to create my ideal reality conforming to my own will. A creative power contradicting the general perceptions of average citizens. Not that I think that these people have chosen their perceptions consciously. They have just derived their perceptions from other sources.

Contrary to will.

To succeed in magic one has to know this is no simple business. One has to learn the basics, try and test for experience and validity.

What I have realized is that it starts with self-knowledge. One often has to meditate to clean the mind from false reality concepts. Arriving at a clean mind. If not the effort involved in practise loses power. As the subconscious mind have the full power over occult creations. One has to erase unwanted beliefs as these beliefs interfere with the conscious choice to experience reality otherwise.

It starts with complete nihilism. A negation of all reality concepts.

Later one can start to search the unconscious for true self knowledge. As it's extremely important to know what one actually wants. Otherwise reality will become something not worthy of personal attention. And loss of will can also lead to mental disorders. As the split between the individual will and perceptions leads to something experienced as loss of purity.

When one has grasped individual will one can start to setup simple goals. Like the goal of a better physique, like better experience of art or something else. Getting simple and learning by trial and error.

The actual practise start with individual goals and then choosing to believe in them. It is these beliefs that alter perceptions. Actually beliefs and perceptions are the same thing. But it all starts with the surface mind. With clear goals. When one has chosen to believe in one's creations things instantly changes. But the changes can be hard to see as they take time to materialize in the physical dimension.

It might take days, weeks or months depending on the skill of the magician.

But another thing has to be mentioned and that is energy. To create one needs a lot of energy to sustain reality changes over longer periods of time. And energy can be gained by doing energy work to cleanse the subtle energy bodies of the human soul. Leading to clarity.

Another important factor is the subconscious mind. When one has changed one's beliefs consciously these beliefs has to merge with the subconscious mind. As it is the subconscious mind that is changing reality, not the surface mind. What this means in practise is that one actually has to feel reality conforming to individual will deep inside, not just with the intellect. One can setup conscious goals and use different occult rituals to make the conscious beliefs sink deeper down in the subconscious. Where true reality creation occurs.

The fact that the subconscious mind creates, not the intellect, explains why many people experience the opposite reality compared to what they believe in consciously.

One has to change the construct of the subconscious mind to experience true reality changes. Using occult rituals, lucid dreaming or other methods to fool the subconcious mind to believe in the conscious beliefs used by the magician.

Another factor is time. To sustain a noticable creation one has to practise daily for longer periods of time. In fact my own creations mostly take two weeks to a couple of months to materialize successfully. And when they materialize they tend to become a little bit different from what I imagined.

It is important to be specific. To be completely clear about what one actually is choosing to believe in. And also to be true to oneself and revert reality changes if they don't feel right.

Moving between different reality frames for fun and experience.

It is a black art. A science.

To power to believe is the power of illusions. Actually illusions is the best tools I ever have found to my path to successful creations. As the individual will is illusory in nature and true will conforms to these patterns.

Creating with will and intellectual structure. Changing the nature of the subconscious mind.

Leading to greater satisfaction.

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