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ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Fri, August 11, 2017 20:45:10

After countless years of social experience I can pretty much sum up my insights considering the general problems of people I have met. The same problems I encountered to my path to enlightenment.

The problems people are facing are mainly the lack of connection to the right side of the brain. People are too dependent upon intellect, knowledge, institutions. What helped me at first were meditation, introspection, emotional writing, building connections between the left side and the right side of the brain. People are caught up in work and routine. Feeling stressed. Too much dependent upon intellect to survive and reproduce.

They have no connection to the emotional, spiritual side of life. People need to ease down on work, think less, feel more, get a connection to spiritual experiences such as walks in nature and good meditation.

I left the holocaust of regular work and over-thinking fifteen years ago. I started to find myself in meditation exercise and emotional writing. To not analyze myself from a logical point of view. Instead catch the feeling of the deep unconscious. Later I went out on long travel trips to foreign countries to discover the same truths in the external world as I had found within myself (And others).

And these truths were that human life is about survival and reproduction. That humans are lazy, spiritual, creative. And logic and intellect are just a product of these spiritual pursuits. Not the other way around.

To find the way to oneself and quality life is to abandon human institutions such as work, finance and stale relations. And also to abandon the beliefs collected in these pursuits. To erase the obstacles to human authenticity. And to discover that life (lived in a happy way) is the complete opposite to the way we live life in the modern world.

The way to the future is the way to the past. To leave over-thinking, all false reality concepts and beliefs. And to change environment. To find a new connection to nature. To find the way to the emotional side of things. Build good relationships. Find way to creative work.

This mode of consciousness is described by New Age intellectuals and esoteric systems. The problem from my point of view is that they are too much about theories and not so much about personal experience. Not about logic and structure that arises from the new experience gained.

One has to ease down. Find the way back to emotions and the body. Analyze less. Sleep better. Have good sex without the dysfunction experienced in many modern relationships.

And the way to greater satisfaction can later be experienced by a deep connection to the spiritual side of things. To experience oneself as unity consciousness. The pure consciousness existing beyond the ego construct of the surface mind.

But one thing has to mentioned and that is that it is easy to lose connection to oneself with too high of an ambition. It is best to find the way back to the ego and to evolve slowly by natural means. Otherwise personal development leads to all kinds of spiritual disasters.

Darkness as a way to the light.

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