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Valerian Movie Review

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sat, August 05, 2017 20:58:00

Watched the new movie "Valerian" by Luc Besson and was taken away in many moments. Not by the story or the simple setup but by the visual gadgetry. The corny characters and the gay visual flair. A true movie experience reminding me of the previous movie "The Fifth Element" by the same director. The point here is not to make a serious science-fiction movie but to make a fun ride with wicked humour.

The audience I watched the movie with (In 3D) was also having fun and laughing at the right moments. Compared to "Alien: Covenant" this movie have to be seen as the absolute opposite. Beginning with a classical song by David Bowie (Space Oddity) and continuing in this way for two hours.

Compared to "The Fifth Element" this movie was more epic in scale. Using 3D for good effect. The laughs and the gay flair complemented the corny story of two lovers just doing their thing to save the world. In fact, the main characters made a good job looking like stereotypes. Like pretty much intended. Getting basic and very simple for irony. What I liked most was the jokes. The ironic attitude of making a gay movie looking much more straight in the end. And getting "spiritual" to end up looking like a straight hollywood blockbuster.

Congratulations to Luc Besson and his team for a fun movie ride.

I enjoyed it.

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