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ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Wed, July 19, 2017 01:18:24

It’s ridiculous.

I have worked constantly for fifteen years with personal development. I have gone on countless journeys in my homeland Sweden and in others countries around the globe. Including Thailand, South Africa, Germany, Morocco and India. I have done meditation exercises and magic, astral travel and energy work. I have done deep philosophy upon these areas and countless others. Reading up on many thinkers of the left hand path and the right hand path. And thinking much more on my own. I have met many people. I have written around a hundred of short stories in Swedish and English language. Written five novels, hundreds of articles and hundreds of Facebook book entries. Written around ten film scripts, composed around sixty songs. And at least written a couple of thousand personal diary entries.

It has been an insane ride for a quest of enlightenment. And I became enlightened too (from my own perspective).

But what has this amounted to?

I have completely changed as a person. My enemy was always Christian morality to tell you the truth. I discovered the deep intuition of the universal mind fifteen years ago. Living in one of my home towns Sala. Relating to Christian values just by negating them. But I just couldn’t grasp the universal mind on a personal level.

I had to understand the nature of universal mind by an intellectual process.

The end result has become a deep sense of wholeness and personal awareness. I’m not happy all the time. But my personal perspective on life (Internal and external) has changed my general sense of well being. I’m finding great joy and meaning in my own path as a science-fiction writer. My latest novel Ascension describes this process in a general sense.

But one thing has been a bit lacking overall. My life as a spiritual searcher has made me prioritize the quest of knowledge above personal relations with people. It’s not that I lack connection. I just have prioritized other things.

This is something that maybe will change in the future.

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