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My Future As An Author

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Tue, July 11, 2017 04:42:04

After reading and analysis of my past works I have come to a realization. That I started as a writer of entertainment. Writing novellas such as Alien Forever and The Forgotten Nomad. Works with huge emotional investment (according to many readers) but lacking the seriousness of real literature. In the sense that I built upon illusions and the imagination. Not lacking good storytelling.

I later turned this around to write more serious works such as Alien Forever: The Novel and Ascension: The Novel. Describing an inversion of Christian values leading to self-discovery on a personal level (In Alien Forever). Then exploring the impersonal side of things (In Ascension). From my own perspective I really succeeded in describing my own process of development.

My own journey was astoundingly similar to the path of Friedrich Nietzsche, Beethoven and Aleister Crowley (and many others on the left hand path). Leading to similar emotions, ideas and actions.

My new vision is to leave these concepts behind. I had to explore these ideas as they were extremely important for my development. But my new vision is to end this journey for a new direction. Using my new vision of mini-lives (Living and working in foreign countries) to infuse my writing with credibility and hopefully a more defined vision.

I’m planning to move to Romania in the beginning of September. Living there, working, trying new things and meeting new people. I do this to extend my personal comfort zone. Hopefully to strengthen my initial values and find new ones along the way.

I don’t know where this journey will lead. I’m much more interested in people nowadays than before. It feels like my previous journey of development was necessary to prepare myself for this period.

This philosophy fits my concept of “Continuation” presented on my author home site with the same name.

Take care!

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