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On Ascension And My Spiritual Development

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Wed, July 05, 2017 22:49:48

Been reading my latest novel "Ascension" several more times and it seems that this is a work that is describing unity consciousness in three layers. Almost as if the novel is three novels combined into one. It is a new form of consciousness. Not possible to relate to lacking the mode of consciousness I attempt to describe.

It is speaking of unity consciousness. But it is not classical mysticism. It is much more intellectual in its approach. This happened due to several factors: The first is that unity consciousness is difficult to maintain without hard intellectual discipline. It is easy to loose oneself in a drugged state of god realization. The second is that life in general (as it seems to me) is impossible to master successfully without sound goals and intellectual structure. Emotions easily come in the way.

A third reason is that intellectual stimulation is a greater joy if one truly attains it.

The intellect has been very important to me to attain and merge with unity consciousness in productive ways. And it is not ending with god realization. It is giving way for passionate work. Creativity being important to find one's own path to the future. Resulting in more conscious actions. Ascension attempts to describe this consciousness. And it is probably not interesting for science-fiction readers not wanting to attempt a similar journey. But it was a journey I wanted to explore myself.

As one deviant artist says to Alice Sipher (the main protagonist) at one point in the novel: "We are simply alien creatures."

The novel is almost structured like "2001 - A Space Odyssey" in the way it is composed of three parts. One part describing an attempt to solve a complex information problem. The next part describing general intelligence and unity consciousness and the last part describing the essense of creative work. It is a work that is aiming to describe the same kind of consciousness I attained after my intense period of travels. That gradually resulted in a more stationary search transcending the individuation process I went through on my travels.

The new consciousness is much more impersonal. I'm much more finding interest in intellectual matters going beyond the personal kind of philosophy I had before. That individuation process had much more to do with darkness, sexuality and personal goals. Nowadays I rather enjoy meditation, energy-work and walks in nature aiming to go beyond the individuation process I earlier have described. It is not the ending of personality but rather an extension of personality to explore unity consciousness much more in depth. It happened as a natural spiritual development as my individuation process only could take me that far.

So the new book is aiming to describe what happened later. After exploration of sexuality, ego, hate and darkness. That process was extremely important to me for personal development. Necessary to leave space for impersonal development later.

As one transpersonal development figure said: "One has to have an ego to transcend it."

This happened to me. And Alien Forever: The Novel described that process. A process of individuation on an epic scale.

But the new consciousness coming later was much more rewarding from my own perspective. It was a spiralling process towards enlightenment and Ascension attempts to describe this journey in three stages.

A work I personally find is my masterpiece.

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