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Ascension - The Novel

FictionPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, June 25, 2017 01:20:47

Trent Montgomery and Alice Sipher are two government informers working on a similar contract in the future. Born in the colonial world of interstellar space around 2700 A.D. The vast regions of space contains a rich territory of planets, star-systems and space-stations. It is a time where man’s connection to nature has been limited to certain terrariums and planetary reserves. The new time is also witnessing the birth of a new colonial crisis. Displaying characteristics of wars, deceases and different colonial policies.

The true causes of the crisis can not be found. Alice Sipher and Trent Montgomery are confronted with a complex information task. Using all available resources, including their own, to isolate the symptoms to the new crisis. It is a problem that can’t be solved by a simple information process. A creative solution is needed. A new approach to complex information. Described in detail by cutting edge science. Tested in local terrariums and on the planetary reserve of Ascension.

Ascension is a story describing a deviant path of conscious evolution. Where two government informers will use new approaches to complex information solving. Using both hemispheres of the brain. Using deep ecology theories, strange occultism, philosophy and art to attain a new form of consciousness.

A deep story of man, his future consciousness and nature. Raising perplexing questions and also presenting new possibilities.

Aiming at unity consciousness.

Download the novel as a PDF-File here: Ascension - The Novel

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