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My Future Plans

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Mon, May 29, 2017 08:43:12

I have started to prepare for a new trip through Europe. At first Romania, then Greece and finally Turkey. I have decided to try couch-surfing. Temporal jobs.

The goal of the trip is to meet new people. To learn about cultural differences and human nature. My view of the matter is that people are basically the same. That this similarity is described by the science of survival and reproduction. But that humanity have been split up due to lack of cultural understanding.

I want to find more confirmation of my own theories. Also modifying them if necessary.

In the meantime I'm reading classics of literature, including "1984", "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "A Farewell To Arms." The find of the classics have changed my life for the better recently. I find great meaning in emotional works, describing great truths of mankind. George Orwell is one of my favourite authors, Hemingway coming close behind.

I'm also meditating in the forest and using that consciousness to find depth that is coming into the writing of my new novel. Ascension is about the odd philosophy about self-realization from a selfish perspective leading to unity consciousness. Not limited to individuals but also concerning society as a whole. This philosophy is described by many philosophers, occultists and musicians on the left hand path. Individuals such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Aleister Crowley and Ludwig Van Beethoven.

I will prepare for my coming travels and inform you on the way.

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