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Alien: Covenant - A Review

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Wed, May 17, 2017 20:59:53

Just saw Alien: Covenant on the Swedish premiere and it topped my expectations with a great margin. The boldness of this film was just hinted at in the trailers. In my mind it was equally visionary as Prometheus and from my perspective Ridley Scott was surely back in form.

With that said I love Ridley's new films. For the gritty realism, the darkness, the creativity. I know Prometheus divided the audience but I like the new elements Ridley has introduced. The new Alien: Covenant is a bit similar to my own novel Alien Forever in the sense that it is about good and evil (and other concepts Ridley introduced in this film).

The best part of this film in my mind was the ending. An ending I wont reveal (you have to see it for yourself). I was quite blown away and especially loved the new story elements, the acting and the mindblowing visual design. In the same vein as previous Ridley Scott films the visual design is almost the best part. That was a thing I felt was lacking in the films made after Blade Runner and Legend. Here the visual storytelling plays a big part again, not secondary to pure story elements.

To sum it up Alien: Covenant transcended my average expectations. But like Gladiator and more of his new films (Even Robin Hood) this film will probably raise my expectations even more in the future.

Thanks a lot.

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