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Gothic Architecture

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, September 25, 2016 12:21:21
Seville Cathedral

Gothic Architecture.

It came as a complete surprise to me. That Seville, Spain housed the largest gothic catedral in the world. And also the third largest church. Seeing this catedral in reality was an amazing experience. And not only the size but the imposing beauty of the structure. Built with a philosophy of beauty and harmony but surely making me think of darkness, suffering and death.

The multiple towers and entrances decorated by masterpiece sculptures. The intricate deviances, arcs and gothic windows. Containing works of higher order.

The philosophy of the work came from Saint Thomas Aquinas in the middle ages. The christian scolastic philosopher that saw this beauty as a way for people to see the glory of god. And it surely was a kind of glory. It was seen as completely necessary to unite the people in a world with hard living conditions.

But the reality of the thing was completely different coming from a satanic perspective. Preaching the glory of god but resulting in ”good morals”, a kind of slavery echoing in the world today.

On the other hand one can also see the beauty in this evil. The gothic catedrals can be seen as a love affair with death. And beauty is beauty no matter the thinking of the architects.

The gothic design also echoes throughout the entire Seville city. Not only the churches have the design but also many smaller buildings. And the sense experience of the gothic design makes one feel really alive. As if death is a key to life not limited to philosophy but extending into aesthetics.

Seville to me and the gothic catedral in particular are view-finders into another world. Into another time and place. But it feels like some things about the middle-ages haven’t changed at all. People behave like they know about their proud heritage. The Spanish people are proud by their nature. Standing on the shoulders of giants so to speak. And one can trace the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas back to the greek philosophers preceeding him.

Aristotle in particular.

Recently I have completely changed my mind when it comes to the greek philosophers. They were simply ahead of their time. And the philosophy they described is very similar to mine.

They had a well thought out system of beauty. Talking about beauty and harmony as a glimpse into the universal order. This is a concept I always nourished myself. Beauty being a reflection of the true life. True life as an authentic life. Reflecting on the reality of the world including the individual and society.

Beyond shallow illusions.

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