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ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Mon, September 19, 2016 17:02:49

Today came the greatest realization of my life concerning the state of the world. And that is that there is enormous difference concerning the different countries when it comes to concept of freedom and liberation.

In some countries, primarily conservative countries like Sweden, freedom is simply a concept most people are not interested in at all. The main body of visitors for my blogs and my new homepage ”Continuation” comes from Spain, Denmark and the United States (California especially). Especially Spain.

How can this be?

Well, Spain is the one country where anarchism actually has been tested and put to practise as a main political movement. The main body of visitors for my homepage comes from Spain. The Danish people also have the anarchist district Christiania and are living anarchism as a way of political thought and life. I was in Cobenhagen, Denmark a year ago and saw the reality of freedom put to practise. And it was an extraordinary experience. People walking on the streets together and shouting words of freedom in many parts of the city.

They were fun to be around too.

And the reality of freedom was never more obvious in Barcelona, Spain, which I visited a couple of years ago.

Seville, where I am resided for the moment, has the same sense of freedom when it comes to the people. And not only freedom. People are also interested in sexual liberation, gothic architecture and masterpiece novels. It goes well to say that my latest novel ”Alien Forever” touches all these themes.

The realization: People are just following their own will. In Sweden people simply are not interested in freedom. The Spanish people are, also the Danish and the ones coming from California. (I simplify in order to make a point)

What is anarchism then?

Anarchism is to stand without any fixed system of political thought. It is to find political solutions that comes from within, from the will. And to find solutions that are in tune with actual needs not the ideologies formed by powerful politicians. Anarchism don’t need to lack organization and structure. Quite the contrary, to me it is to stand free from all dogma and to look for real solutions in the real world. Standing free to look with one’s own eyes, create solutions based on real research, good communication and critical thinking. Never to lazily follow a doctrine not fit to serve actual needs.

To be an anarchist is also a way of life. It doesn’t need to end with political solutions. It can also colour the wholeness of life of the anarchist in question.

George Orwell spoke well of the anarchist movement in Spain many years ago. And I have seen the benefits of anarchism in the countries I have visited. There was something about Cobenhagen, Denmark and Barcelona, Spain that made me take notice. One thing to make theories of it. Another thing to watch anarchist culture for real. It simply was an authentic experience. Happy people and everything just worked out fine when it came to the social order. I was simply allowed to be myself in a way I just couldn’t be in Sweden and other countries. And the people seemed to be the happiest people I ever have encountered.

South East Asia was not very much different. The culture that goes in Spain also goes there.

What I’m looking for is the real solutions. The ones coming from the depths of the heart. Nietzsche talked about this in great length. But a pure heart has to be combined with a highly developed intellect that has the wish and ambition to delve deep into the questions at hand. Spanish people have this inquisitive mindset. To abandon the shallow solutions of capitalism, communism and other modes of political thought one has to be willing to give this process of enlightenment great care and time. And to do that one has to realize the benefits of this for oneself. That one actually can change one’s life for the better and that it is really powerful.

One simply has to be an anarchist for real.

(Just a notice, I'm not identifying myself with any political movement. The image you see is a symbol for the Spanish revolution. Just an image I think fits the subject matter.)

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