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My New Movie Contract

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Sat, May 19, 2018 10:39:15
Some news that might interest my readers:

Just signed a movie contract with Northern Sun Entertainment where I am the script writer and creative advisor. It's not a beginner movie but rather an accomplished feature with the intent to bring in middle-range actors and crew.

It's a dark counter-culture film with inspiration coming from the gothic rock scene but still with a sense of realism describing the degeneratory path of different individuals with their own purposes and agendas.

It will be filmed with the background of one of my home towns Sala, Sweden with the intent to bring social consciousness to the gloomy dark descent this movie attempts to describe.

It's another step in the right direction I think.

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My Current Look

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Wed, May 16, 2018 16:31:26
A photo of me taken five minutes ago. The shadow play in the background made all the difference.

Andreas Ingo Profile

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Bilateral Thinking

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Wed, May 16, 2018 13:09:40
A lot is happening in my life at the moment. Have seriously started with the dating game. That means new encounters in my current living place. Taking chances, talking to people, gaining experience beyond the more introspective analysis I previously have made on my journeys around the globe.

I have met many people but still I made my journeys to get to know myself primarily.

Chess just gets more interesting with time. The main realization is that the feedback process of actual game scenarios prevent the mind from coming to fast conclusions. It is a mind-bending test requiring structure, a good working memory, concentration and other factors.

Better to play slow and well than making random choices just to feel better about oneself.

What more?

The new film "The Passion Of Lovers" has become a passion project of mine. Starting with the realization that it is more fun to work with other people than working for oneself.

Still I will surely return to isolation to delve deep into topics hard to share with others.

A few secrets have emerged on my recent discovery regarding bilateral thinking (defined as lateral thinking involving several human parts). That the bilateral exchange of ideas leads to fast realizations and clarity as the common task make the individual a fast and more structured thinker. And is more receptive to the value system of others sharing a similar mind-set.

Power is a good thing but power is also receptive. To communicate a vision an understanding of human psychology can lead to sudden breakthroughs. Thinkers such a Immanuel Kant describes the idea of laws emerging from will attuning to the collective. Creating laws fit for the impersonal scene at hand.

It has always been one basic principle of mine but I have started to practise it more in depth.

It will be fun to see how these projects turns out.

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The Passion Of Lovers

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Mon, May 14, 2018 19:22:09
Working on a new film "The Passion Of Lovers" inspired by the Bauhaus song with the same name. I'm the scriptwriter and the script was made six years ago. But I also have become main artistic advisor for the director that is coming from a closeby town.

It is a work I deem a masterpiece myself but it remains to be seen if the project works out for the best when it comes to actual imagery and sounds.

The worries are if good actors can be found that emanates the gloomy darkness this film will present. For minimal pay. It is not very different from my pretty recent works of science-fiction in the sense that it will be made pretty cheap but still having this sense of darkness and scope that transcend the vision of most beginner filmmakers.

Also, it is a fun project leading myself to the conclusion that working with others is funnier than working with oneself. Still loneliness in the mode presented by thinkers such as Nietzsche suggests that true genius can only be found in isolation.

We will see how the project turns out.

I'm also into a phase of sexual adventures and rigid chess playing. Where realizations such as the fact that systems orientented science and holistic principles have helped me on the path to become a master player. As becoming a master is my intent with the playing itself.

And how this intellectual endeavour can translate into the knowledge of how to intellectually master life itself.

It is a rush.

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NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Wed, May 09, 2018 22:55:18
For readers interested I will write a bit about comparisons I have made between myself as an author/musician/philosopher and others I have been inspired/influenced by and of whom also clear similarities have been detected between myself and them.

The first one might be obvious and that is Friedrich Nietzsche. When I started reading him I just felt as if: "Have I written this before?" The common themes are consistent: The theme of the over man, the theme of the transfiguration of all values, the nihilistic approach to put up critique of modern civilization including science, religion and art. But it didn't end with this general structure. It also came down to stylistic choices regarding the way the texts were delivered. The poetic inclusion, the way of the hammer. The will to infuse texts with a deeper meaning resonating in the emotional cortex.

The next one is the progressive rock musician Peter Hamill. The frontman of the art rock band Van Der Graaf Generator. His interest in subjects such as seclusion, darkness, science-fiction books and his almost maniacal inclination to brake new grounds with every record he made. And making way for a distorted dark voice but still confronting interviewers with the attitude of an English gentleman.

The next one would be George Orwell describing his critique of modern society built upon words with hidden meanings. The travels he made across the world and his emotional still intellectual approach to craft novels. Discovering the suppression of sexuality and a male warrior even enlisting in the Spanish revolution. Something I haven't done of course but the spirit of it is the same.

The similarities may be just a coincidence as these three figures made a bold imprint upon modern society (Peter Hamill still lives though) and their spirits have lived on beyond the space/time frame when they entered fame.

I'm exploring similar directions myself. I feel a deep emotional connection. As I'm also connected to classical music composers such as Hector Berlioz, Ludwig Van Beethoven and poets like Edgar Allan Poe and T.S Eliot.

What I’m going for is not to copy the creativity/craftsmanship in these works but use them to fuel my imagination and also detect missing links in the way I craft my writings.

It is interesting indeed.

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My New Writing Project

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Mon, May 07, 2018 01:34:58
Finally hot spring in the air! Working on a new novel connecting chess, politics and romantic relationships in a world war 2 story with global implications.

My writing project is a project I'm investing much passion in at the moment. With bold research into politics, chess tactics and strategy. And a new approach to dating and relationships.

I'm aiming to connect the intellectual gains from chess playing into the other two areas. To investigate what chess can teach us about the life outside of the game itself.

Stay tuned!

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Back Online Again

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Sat, March 17, 2018 22:46:15
Back online again after some time off the net.

I’m still living and breathing. But it has been some time of deep reflection and practise concerning my future as an author. I’m working on a new novel “The Other” about a secret topic I won’t reveal. But I can promise you something extraordinary.

I’m in a profound research stage concerning the topic of my new book. It is building upon personal experience in work, social events and occasional trips in Sweden. I’m studying chess tactics, literary works by author’s such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and music works by Baroque classical composers. Where works such as “La Stravaganza” have changed my mind about the possibilities of music.

I have gone full circle to become an ordinary worker again only to become a more fluid dreamer.

“Dreaming in fire and working in clay.”

New discoveries have emerged from countless fields of study. Including mathematics, quantum theory and human history. My old philosophy of self-discovery has become something more transpersonal in nature. Something “collective”, “bilateral” and “systems oriented”.

It’s about my newfound passion for higher work ethics and happiness found in suffering.

But still a decadent journey into blissful states.

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Online Again

NewsPosted by Andreas Ingo Sat, December 23, 2017 00:04:59
Been a way for a while for some private matters. Online again for a future of new socializing and writing projects. What has occupied my mind lately is the future of life in the multi-verse. I have thought about it but most of all decided to keep silent. Silence as a strength due to the confusion arising from cultural differences. Instead I have assumed a down-to-earth approach of socializing and writing for personal enjoyment. And having the opportunity to share this mindset with others. I think socializing mostly is about a shared emotional experience. Seldom have I seen any benefit in deep matters in these contexts. That is something I think mostly is reserved for the individual in his/her own time. This kind of mindset is pretty evident in my selection of writing projects. I write for an illusory immersion in fictional worlds. Pretty much like fantasy but transported into a science-fiction context. My latest short story "The Infinite" is parallelled in personal experience to some extent but mostly pure fictional. A sense of irony and humour is evident in this work. Something I will build upon in the future. I have experiened that my readers want some sense of realism but not the boring facts of the everyday world. Rather something illusory and fictional with a "sense" of realism. Resulting in a suspenseful ride with a personal edge.

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