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Creative Thinking

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sat, October 21, 2017 19:52:17

My past creative model used in writing, composing and artwork creation is a model I have tested for years and it has worked very well. This model is described in the last part of “My New Spiritual System” I presented on the internet around a year ago.

Since then I have found way to a deeper interest of intellectual matters. Being grounded in the will, in deep held illusions described in metaphorical ways. But I have realized the importance of definition. To define the visions in more descriptive terms. Giving great attention to critical analysis.

I have also found out a new method of creating new ideas. That is a lateral thinking model that is a method of negation of initial ideas. And a method of provocation of new ideas, induced chance and conscious selection. Putting forward random thoughts for later analysis. Working with these ideas, to investigate the relative importance of them. Negating “bad” thoughts and affirming “good” thoughts in process of creative flow.

Refining the ideas and never absorbing them for presentation until the results come to the surface.

Yes, it is really chance that drives my creations nowadays. But a chance building on inner illusions consciously investigated and built upon by a lateral thinking model. Described by intellectuals such as Edward De Bono many years ago.

I use this model not just for art projects but for business too. It has worked beyond initial assumptions. Chance is really order if investigated in a conscious way.

What I have seen though is that creativity is more about a mind-set (And lack of dependence) than the mechanical production of ideas. What has been of most importance to me is finding the way to inner freedom and creative space. Attained by good sleep, good nutrition, walking exercises, relaxation, meditation and black magic. Black magic can fool the mind to make the leap into the unknown. Illusions are a necessary tool to pull against the thoughts: “I can’t create.”, “I am not good enough.”, “I have no inner drive.”, “I hate this!”

To work against the mechanical repetition of negativity and old ideas. To find the way to fluidity is essential. Maybe working with a lateral thinking model as me to later build new ideas. But making use of the faculties of the right side of the brain to integrate the obvious with the hidden.

“The hidden” can be found by creating new ideas and letting the subconscious mind work upon these ideas. To later give room for creative leaps.

Consciously creating as a dark deviant.

I have said it countless times before but I say it again: The ego is vital for any progress in life and creativity in particular. And with the ego I mean true will. A deep yearning for creative power, fulfillment and drive for transcendence.

The sad fact is that the society we live in is very superficial. It is a mechanical production facility of lies, deceptions and superficial illusions that shuts down creative powers. Therefore the true artist has to work against these blocked states of mind.

Maybe using travels, sex and drugs to actually fool the mind into another sphere of existence.

What I have learnt the hard way is that true creativity knows no traditional boundaries. A good intellect, structure and discipline can make one go very far but the “transcendent” ideas seldom emerge from ordinary states of consciousness.

One needs hate, spiritual death and countless pleasures to divert oneself from traditional influences. Building upon dark influences to transcend the mechanical structure of the mind.

Creating for personal enjoyment.

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Response From Readers

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Mon, October 09, 2017 19:25:26

A lot of transformations have occurred to me during my years as a writer. But on the whole the response from my readers has been astounding overall. Not just limited to fiction but also concerning my travel stories, my music, my articles about dark occultism, personal development, spirituality and more.

These works have changed the lives of several people I have met. It's my uncompromising attitude to be true to my self no matter the investment. They appreciate my earnest will to present revealing texts for no charge.

And being completely original in the process.

Changes in writing style have developed over the years as I have progressed on my path as a writer. According to most readers they like the dark emotion, the will to break new ground and explore new concepts. It’s also the sense of character, solid world-building skills and a deep personal touch. People love the way my works present a passionate escape from ordinary matters. Still being honest (And metaphorically “realistic”) in approach.

Filling an empty void with inner truths resonating in the deep unconscious. A need for clarity and emotion sorely lacking in the modern world.

Lately the response from my readers (And listeners) has made me more uncompromising in my style. The new style is darker, edgier and building on a lateral thinking model. Describing a path beyond simple categories into the hidden aspects of the self.

One of my latest songs “Plateaus” describes this mode of consciousness in a sonic way.


Listen and enjoy!

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Blade Runner 2049 Review

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Fri, October 06, 2017 18:22:12

This movie hit me as a freight-train going to hell. To me it was like a psychological horror film. Building on our collective fear of the unknown. A future where replicants, AI’s and lower-grade people share space in a greyish future of constant rain. With neon lights resembling future sex models.

It was directed with feeling and style. But it was not all about the images this time. It was a solid script written in collaboration with Ridley Scott. That gave creative freedom to Dennis Villeneuve and also supported the director with answers to difficult questions.

Much can be said about the inventive vision of future tech devices such as virtual girlfriends, hovering search drones and virtual memories. A horrific realization were imposed upon me as a viewer. That the dystopian future was there, in front of my eyes in bleak colours. And it felt totally real.

The acting from the main cast did a very good job too. Ryan Gosling was perfect as the main protagonist in the story. He captured the sense of a lost Blade Runner. Looked down upon by most people, having a hard job and not much free-time. In fact, his psychological condition (Played with subtlety by Ryan Gosling) made the film play on our fears of the unknown.

Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard also did an amazing job as the lost Blade Runner several decades away from the events in the first film. It all came together in an amazing scene towards the end when the two main protagonists had a tough encounter. It’s hard to describe the suspense this scene conveyed to me in moments.

In the end though the film became a bit of a let-down. This was caused by the overly pretentious end. In my view it would have been better to cut these scenes and move into another direction. One of the best parts of the original film (The Director’s Cut) was that it made us feel a lot and think. But it never pointed fingers.

That difference made Blade Runner 2049 just a very good film from my own perspective. Not a classic.


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My Individual Path

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Wed, September 13, 2017 07:22:43

I have come to some conclusions considering my path to enlightenment and that is that I initially was a straight left hand path practitioner of the occult and magic and later explored the right hand path of unity and service. Just to find a dynamic representing a transfiguration of the will.

The left hand path is more about seclusion, the ego and carnal desires compared to the right hand path which is more about unity, public service and unselfish action. I went boldly into the left hand path in one point of time but later experienced a transfiguration of the will.

Leading to more impersonal goals.

Nowadays I oscillate between the different paths that just are expressions of two different aspects of the self. It is about the reality of the lower self and higher self. Both are required for true self-realization.

The mistake I made before was that I neglected the lower self to attune to the higher self. Which resulted in a loss of personal identity. Later I turned it around to indulge in personal desires only to return to the higher self once again. But now with a fine balance grounded in enlightened self-interest.

One can say that my new mode of consciousness is a dynamic between the lower self and the higher self. The higher self is not about being religious in any traditional sense and the lower self is not about true evil. Although it can look that way on the surface.

My main interests at this point of time are to use meditation exercise, energy-work and magic to fulfil my personal goals. Which nicely fits together with my vision as a traveller, party-animal, philosopher, musician and writer.

Combining self-interest with public utility.

I have not returned to being religious in any ordinary sense of the word. The right hand path of occultism is about the truth of the occult universe. The left hand path and the right hand path merge together to build a unity within consciousness. I believe in a natural transfiguration of the will. That is that will is a dynamic force, it is always changing. It is moving in a spiralling cycle towards enlightenment. As one looses interest in carnal desires after some point and want to find the way to greater power.

Meaning unity within the Universal Mind, knowledge and power. This is not "evil" in any traditional sense of the word and must be thought of as "good".

Coming from the right frame of reference.

The two aspects of consciousness are described in my novels “Alien Forever” and “Ascension”. Where “Alien Forever” explores the left hand path and “Ascension” the opposite.

The merging between the two novels represents my new mode of consciousness.

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An article about IQ

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, August 27, 2017 00:54:00

An odd ending to an odd week. I have studied countless theories considering different methods to raise IQ and have more profoundly realized that limitations are just blocks in the conscious mind. Every man and woman are more or less born with the potential for genius.

This potential is destroyed by consumer society (more or less) implanting self-doubt in the mind of the consumers.

But the most important realization came to me just this day. I had a long ride with my new car along the coastline south of Stockholm and many blocks were removed inside. I found one block that made me frusterated over all those years as a philosopher.

And this block was the thought: "I don't like thinking as much as something more emotional/physical. And I would rather prefer to do something else." These thoughts were revealed as mental fictions. Something I just took for granted over all those years. I just didn't know the power of "liking".

The most important lesson I learned from Nietzsche was that life could be redeemed by a positive perspective on suffering. I applied that knowledge to thinking in itself. And it transformed me in an instant.

I was so taken by the sudden realization that I had to throw up my newly digested food and puke on the ground! Because this philosophy of "liking" was also a perspective I took upon my writing around three years ago and it transformed me as an author in an instant.

We will see where this new revelation will lead.

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ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, August 13, 2017 19:18:14

After countless years of practise of magic (And final success) I have come to many insights considering the practise of reality creation and just want to share some points.

The first insight is that magic is no fluffy fantasy requiring no effort or experience from the one involved. It should be a rigorous science, a path of darkness to find the way to sound goals and also requiring constant effort over long periods of time.

The first thing one needs to know is that it's not about miracles, rather the complete opposite. One needs to understand that the nature of reality is an interconnected web of perceptions. Building a unity described by the concept of Universal Mind.

To create one's ideal future one needs to alter the individual perceptions to other ones conforming to individual will. This makes reality adjust to the ideal perceptions chosen.

One needs to grasp what one truly wants. Altering of perceptions can be a dangerous business if one doesn't know the power of the intellect and the subconscious mind.

The truth though is that all people already are doing magic. Reality becomes as we perceive it to become. If you are a christian you are modelling reality after christians concepts. If you are a regular worker you model reality by what you already take for granted.

"Physical Reality" is just a concept. But a concept many believe in and therefore alter reality to that model.

As an occultist I have chosen to create my ideal reality conforming to my own will. A creative power contradicting the general perceptions of average citizens. Not that I think that these people have chosen their perceptions consciously. They have just derived their perceptions from other sources.

Contrary to will.

To succeed in magic one has to know this is no simple business. One has to learn the basics, try and test for experience and validity.

What I have realized is that it starts with self-knowledge. One often has to meditate to clean the mind from false reality concepts. Arriving at a clean mind. If not the effort involved in practise loses power. As the subconscious mind have the full power over occult creations. One has to erase unwanted beliefs as these beliefs interfere with the conscious choice to experience reality otherwise.

It starts with complete nihilism. A negation of all reality concepts.

Later one can start to search the unconscious for true self knowledge. As it's extremely important to know what one actually wants. Otherwise reality will become something not worthy of personal attention. And loss of will can also lead to mental disorders. As the split between the individual will and perceptions leads to something experienced as loss of purity.

When one has grasped individual will one can start to setup simple goals. Like the goal of a better physique, like better experience of art or something else. Getting simple and learning by trial and error.

The actual practise start with individual goals and then choosing to believe in them. It is these beliefs that alter perceptions. Actually beliefs and perceptions are the same thing. But it all starts with the surface mind. With clear goals. When one has chosen to believe in one's creations things instantly changes. But the changes can be hard to see as they take time to materialize in the physical dimension.

It might take days, weeks or months depending on the skill of the magician.

But another thing has to be mentioned and that is energy. To create one needs a lot of energy to sustain reality changes over longer periods of time. And energy can be gained by doing energy work to cleanse the subtle energy bodies of the human soul. Leading to clarity.

Another important factor is the subconscious mind. When one has changed one's beliefs consciously these beliefs has to merge with the subconscious mind. As it is the subconscious mind that is changing reality, not the surface mind. What this means in practise is that one actually has to feel reality conforming to individual will deep inside, not just with the intellect. One can setup conscious goals and use different occult rituals to make the conscious beliefs sink deeper down in the subconscious. Where true reality creation occurs.

The fact that the subconscious mind creates, not the intellect, explains why many people experience the opposite reality compared to what they believe in consciously.

One has to change the construct of the subconscious mind to experience true reality changes. Using occult rituals, lucid dreaming or other methods to fool the subconcious mind to believe in the conscious beliefs used by the magician.

Another factor is time. To sustain a noticable creation one has to practise daily for longer periods of time. In fact my own creations mostly take two weeks to a couple of months to materialize successfully. And when they materialize they tend to become a little bit different from what I imagined.

It is important to be specific. To be completely clear about what one actually is choosing to believe in. And also to be true to oneself and revert reality changes if they don't feel right.

Moving between different reality frames for fun and experience.

It is a black art. A science.

To power to believe is the power of illusions. Actually illusions is the best tools I ever have found to my path to successful creations. As the individual will is illusory in nature and true will conforms to these patterns.

Creating with will and intellectual structure. Changing the nature of the subconscious mind.

Leading to greater satisfaction.

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ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Fri, August 11, 2017 20:45:10

After countless years of social experience I can pretty much sum up my insights considering the general problems of people I have met. The same problems I encountered to my path to enlightenment.

The problems people are facing are mainly the lack of connection to the right side of the brain. People are too dependent upon intellect, knowledge, institutions. What helped me at first were meditation, introspection, emotional writing, building connections between the left side and the right side of the brain. People are caught up in work and routine. Feeling stressed. Too much dependent upon intellect to survive and reproduce.

They have no connection to the emotional, spiritual side of life. People need to ease down on work, think less, feel more, get a connection to spiritual experiences such as walks in nature and good meditation.

I left the holocaust of regular work and over-thinking fifteen years ago. I started to find myself in meditation exercise and emotional writing. To not analyze myself from a logical point of view. Instead catch the feeling of the deep unconscious. Later I went out on long travel trips to foreign countries to discover the same truths in the external world as I had found within myself (And others).

And these truths were that human life is about survival and reproduction. That humans are lazy, spiritual, creative. And logic and intellect are just a product of these spiritual pursuits. Not the other way around.

To find the way to oneself and quality life is to abandon human institutions such as work, finance and stale relations. And also to abandon the beliefs collected in these pursuits. To erase the obstacles to human authenticity. And to discover that life (lived in a happy way) is the complete opposite to the way we live life in the modern world.

The way to the future is the way to the past. To leave over-thinking, all false reality concepts and beliefs. And to change environment. To find a new connection to nature. To find the way to the emotional side of things. Build good relationships. Find way to creative work.

This mode of consciousness is described by New Age intellectuals and esoteric systems. The problem from my point of view is that they are too much about theories and not so much about personal experience. Not about logic and structure that arises from the new experience gained.

One has to ease down. Find the way back to emotions and the body. Analyze less. Sleep better. Have good sex without the dysfunction experienced in many modern relationships.

And the way to greater satisfaction can later be experienced by a deep connection to the spiritual side of things. To experience oneself as unity consciousness. The pure consciousness existing beyond the ego construct of the surface mind.

But one thing has to mentioned and that is that it is easy to lose connection to oneself with too high of an ambition. It is best to find the way back to the ego and to evolve slowly by natural means. Otherwise personal development leads to all kinds of spiritual disasters.

Darkness as a way to the light.

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Valerian Movie Review

ArticlesPosted by Andreas Ingo Sat, August 05, 2017 20:58:00

Watched the new movie "Valerian" by Luc Besson and was taken away in many moments. Not by the story or the simple setup but by the visual gadgetry. The corny characters and the gay visual flair. A true movie experience reminding me of the previous movie "The Fifth Element" by the same director. The point here is not to make a serious science-fiction movie but to make a fun ride with wicked humour.

The audience I watched the movie with (In 3D) was also having fun and laughing at the right moments. Compared to "Alien: Covenant" this movie have to be seen as the absolute opposite. Beginning with a classical song by David Bowie (Space Oddity) and continuing in this way for two hours.

Compared to "The Fifth Element" this movie was more epic in scale. Using 3D for good effect. The laughs and the gay flair complemented the corny story of two lovers just doing their thing to save the world. In fact, the main characters made a good job looking like stereotypes. Like pretty much intended. Getting basic and very simple for irony. What I liked most was the jokes. The ironic attitude of making a gay movie looking much more straight in the end. And getting "spiritual" to end up looking like a straight hollywood blockbuster.

Congratulations to Luc Besson and his team for a fun movie ride.

I enjoyed it.

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