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FictionPosted by Andreas Ingo Thu, October 25, 2018 20:13:17
A short story about the connection between jazz, dreams and common sense reality.

Read and enjoy!


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FictionPosted by Andreas Ingo Tue, October 02, 2018 02:55:20

A novel connecting chess with relationships, money and power.
Some kind of beast coming alive in Nazi Germany before the second world war.
A time of tanks, state police and secret service.

A bold statement concerning chess
connected to the author’s attempts to master the game.
A work towards personal victory.


The novel can be downloaded as a PDF-File here: Beginners

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FictionPosted by Andreas Ingo Thu, September 13, 2018 15:56:55

Writing my memoirs has to be a secret topic. It has to be something personal, odd and forgotten. Forgotten in the sense that it has to have a vague notion of things. Separate from how things turned out and rather having a subjective quality to it. Like a ghost haunting. Not necessary how things happened.

Insignificant is the author’s natural progression from works such as Alien Forever: The Novel.
A bold entrance into the domains of future colonialism.
A strange story resembling the autobiographical journey of the author.
Futuristic horror taken beyond conventions
into the dark domain of

Read and enjoy!

Download the memoirs as a PDF-File here: Insignificant

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Adaptation And Other Short Stories

FictionPosted by Andreas Ingo Mon, September 10, 2018 14:23:58
Adaptation And Other Short Stories

A construction design artist lost in the modern world.
A bold adventure beyond physical existence.
A post-apocalyptic story about a man returning from outer space to a polluted earth.

The short story collection contains three different stories. Sharing no similarities except being products of the author’s heart, mind and soul. To present a work fitting for searchers in the modern era.

The short story collection can be downloaded as a PDF-File here: Adaptation Short Story Collection

Just read and enjoy!

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Erratic Pain

FictionPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, August 26, 2018 22:28:50
Erratic Pain

A partly disabled outlaw on a hunt for a dark knight.
A bold mystery transcending all concepts of pleasure and pain.
A journey into a land of eternal beauty.

Erratic Pain is the most personal story written by the author this far. A story with clear parallels to his own life. A story of beauty and wonder bending the rules of fantasy storytelling.

Aiming for high literature.

The short story can be downloaded as a PDF-File here: Erratic Pain

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The Other - The Novel

FictionPosted by Andreas Ingo Sun, April 22, 2018 14:43:15
The Other - The Novel
A secret work devoid of presentation.
A comfortable assurance of a new direction.
Best to experience for oneself.

The Other is the culmination of a long period of seclusion into the urban surroundings of Vasteras, Sweden. A long journey into different modes of thought presented by the cornerstones of the information age.

A bold journey contradicting past philosophy.

Read and enjoy!

Download in PDF-Format here: The Other

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The Infinite

FictionPosted by Andreas Ingo Fri, December 01, 2017 20:17:05

Three space travellers return home after a long journey into the depths of the multi-verse. They are passing an alien desert on three hover bikes. Recognizing the home world of past colonization. But some details have changed...

The Infinite is a short story about suffering and joy. About meaning and purpose arising between polar opposites. And a thought-provoking tale about life in the multi-verse.

Told with an ironic touch.

Download as a PDF-File here: The Infinite

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Lost In New America

FictionPosted by Andreas Ingo Mon, November 27, 2017 22:29:52

Along the road on the American mainland an architect confronts the eerie feeling of people in a small village. Confronting them and experiencing disillusionment concerning his primary goals in life. Later in New York another job for a large construction design company leads the architect to another form of revelation. And a threatening encounter with a surprising enemy. Leading to a grand experience of horror concerning the reality of the modern world.

Lost In New America is a story that resonates with the author’s experience concerning the human psyche and the modern world.

A short story about will and intellectual powers.

Marking a bold transition.

Download in PDF-Format here: Lost In New America

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