About the novel

Luminance is a novel about Love Revolution: Revolution of the heart, mind and soul
but also about revolution in society. It happens to be set in a parallel universe, on a world resembling a great flower. This is a world of different physical laws, great beauty and many wonders. A race of Aliens is living there. They're hostile, dangerous, kings of the evolutionary ladder. Difficult environmental conditions are tormenting the colonists. Problems arise in the government and there is the alternative ways of artificial intelligence. Mysteries unfold on the planetoid: The energy-fields of the interior doesn't follow the patterns expected by the colonists. The weather is changing and something strange is going on. We're introduced to "Ambience": A freedom fighter, taught esoterics and assisted by a group of revolutionaries. She's interested in animals, somewhat spiritual, grown up on a planet overpopulated by humans. Will she succeed on her mission and will humanity evolve in the process?

The Subject of the Novel

The SubjectPosted by Andreas Ingo Feb 15, 2013 11:11AM

Love Revolution is a subject I have always been interrested in but I have never seen it explored in depth, anywhere. I this section I'll write more about it, what it really means in the context of the novel. I'll try to answer questions concerning the subject.

Looking forward to conversations!